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Breesus Christ

Saints Scores And Suh Sideline Sulks – An Alliterative Lions/Saints SNF Blowout

By Christmas Ape | 23 comments

Now You Can Watch The Lions Get Stomped Metaphorically By all indications, this should be a repeat of last week's Superdome curbstomping that the Saints put on the Giants, only with a lighter shade of blue despair.

chicago bears

It’s So Cold In The Live Blog: Bears/Lions MNFkkake

By Christmas Ape | 41 comments

Monday Night Football Explores Ruins Of Once Great City The Lions were once a laughingstock, what with Matt Millen, 0-16, never going to a Super Bowl and employing Scott Mitchell for an extended period of time.

chicago bears

KSK 2010 Prekkake: NFC North

By Christmas Ape | 16 comments

It’s that time of year when we make bad predictions about the upcoming season and bad jokes, all in the same post.

chicago bears

KSK 2009 NFL Prekkake: NFC North

By Christmas Ape | 49 comments

More Ragnar treachery to spur Drew's bloodlust It’s that time of year again, when we’re so devoid of content that, rather than spending time covering T.J. Houshmandzadeh making a stink about being only the sixth highest rated receiver in the NFC in the new Madden, we run through our predictably inaccurate prognostications for the upcoming year, division by division.


The Lions Are Doing Awesomer Than EVAR!!!!

By Captain Caveman | 20 comments

Not only did the Lions NOT learn from Jon Kitna's 10-win guarantee two seasons ago, their front office is still hilariously cutting corners.

fail lion

You Should Have Added a Thorn in Its Paw!

By Christmas Ape | 30 comments

[A procession of kazoo players enter from a hallway, followed by a regal figure] Fail Lion: Royal iconographers.


“The Lions can suck a half nuts!”

By flubby | 29 comments

I'd like to think that somehow William Clay Ford, Sr.


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