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the rog

Don Ginger Putting The Squeeze On Governors

By Christmas Ape | 30 comments

For a while there was progress being made on the Vikings getting a new stadium and it seemed like the team might actually not relocate to Los Angeles.

grayg jemmings

Aaron Rodgers’ Only Weakness Is His Commercials: Vikings-Packers Live Blog

By Christmas Ape | 25 comments

HEY RODGERS! DISCOUNT DOUBLE CHIN! The Vikings gave the Packers a shockingly competitive contest when the teams met in Minnesota three weeks back.

chicago bears

Sorry, Webbslinger – The Dongslinger Rides Again

By Christmas Ape | 41 comments

Needs More Warm Air Tarp Brett Favre is pulling some last minute dramatics that suggest he might start.

chicago bears

KSK 2010 Prekkake: NFC North

By Christmas Ape | 16 comments

It’s that time of year when we make bad predictions about the upcoming season and bad jokes, all in the same post.


And…Here We Go Again

By Monday Morning Punter | 54 comments

WILL HE OR WON'T HE 2010 is officially underway--Brett Favre has reportedly told teammates that he intends to retire and not play in a 20th NFL season this fall.

chicago bears

KSK 2009 NFL Prekkake: NFC North

By Christmas Ape | 49 comments

More Ragnar treachery to spur Drew's bloodlust It’s that time of year again, when we’re so devoid of content that, rather than spending time covering T.J. Houshmandzadeh making a stink about being only the sixth highest rated receiver in the NFC in the new Madden, we run through our predictably inaccurate prognostications for the upcoming year, division by division.

Big Daddy Drew


By Big Daddy Drew | 255 comments

My favorite team is going to sign Brett Favre in the coming days, or weeks, or months, or however long it takes that fucking asshole to milk the publicity machine to his satisfaction.

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Jared Allen acquisition transforms weatherman into Beavis

By flubby | 34 comments

What weatherman Chris Shaffer of WCCO-Minneapolis lacks in subtlety, he more than makes up with in enthusiasm.

maj vs drew who ya got

Big Daddy Drew Reacts to the Jared Allen Trade

By Christmas Ape | 52 comments

And thus ensued a great e-mail thread slap fight between Drew and the Maj for reasons homersexual in nature.


Major Dad vs. Lt. Eckhardt. WHO YA GOT?

By Christmas Ape | 13 comments

It may not mean much in the grand scheme of the league, this meeting of the 2-4s, but it does mark the first showdown between Andy Reid and his former coordinator, Brad Childress.


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