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Big Daddy Drew

Vikings That Much Closer To Tormenting Minnesotans For Another 30 Years

By Christmas Ape | 11 comments

One more team could soon be taken off the relocation block, as the Vikings stadium bill appears likely to pass in the Minnesota State Legislature.

brad childress

It’s Beautiful, It’s Deadly and It’s Mine!

By Christmas Ape | 35 comments

Was that YOUR strain of the swine flu you were eying with desirous glances.

ksk live blogkakke of the week

KSK MNF Live Blogkkake: Packers vs. Vikings

By Christmas Ape | 1 comment

We might stick around for the late game or we might not.

Big Daddy Drew

KSK 2008 NFL Prekakke: NFC North

By Big Daddy Drew | 115 comments

If you call it the NFC Norris, I will bury a pickaxe in your large intestine.

ksk 2007 nfl season prekakke

KSK 2007 NFL Season Prekkake: Minnesota Vikings

By Monday Morning Punter | 33 comments

Relatively Rapid Retrospective Realities Regarding The Vikes:-When the Detroit Lions visited the Vikes on October 11, 1964, it was the first (and only) instance where both teams took the field wearing white jerseys.

bad MS Paint

Vikings + Amazons = World Domination

By flubby | 22 comments

Usually KSK isn't much for leering at players' personal lives-- we're above all that tawdry stuff.


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