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Cleveland Browns

The Browns Officially Unveil New Uniforms With Nine Combinations

By Christmas Ape | 67 comments

So the Cleveland Browns had their official unveiling of their new uniforms and, yup, it’s the same ones that leaked online in the past few days.

factory of sadness

KLEARINGHOUSE: Browns Claim Fewer Than 30 People Have Seen Their New Jerseys

By Christmas Ape | 64 comments

Even as the new jersey design has leaked to stores, the Browns are still saying not many people have seen their new uniforms.

xmas ape

KILL KILL KILL: Two for Tuesday

By Christmas Ape | 38 comments

One wildebeest was too far, so she had to kill another.

FJM style

Peter King Wants To Know If Sarah Thomas Can Handle The Weight of History

By Christmas Ape | 188 comments

This week, Peter King tries to ramp up the drama for Troy Polamalu getting into the Hall of Fame then questions the readiness of the NFL's first female ref.

xmas ape

KSK Week in Review: ‘The Evidence’

By Christmas Ape | 367 comments

Next week we get a verdict in the Aaron Hernandez trial. Probably!

pittsburgh steelers

Troy Polamalu Announced His Retirement After 12 Seasons

By Christmas Ape | 51 comments

The eight-time Pro Bowler hangs it up after 12 years with the Steelers.


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