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Doug Baldwin is Very Sorry He Pooped a Football

By Christmas Ape | 38 comments

The Seahawks receiver went on local radio to apologize for his Super Bowl touchdown celebration.

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KLEARINGHOUSE: Brandon Bostick Is Dead, Er, Released

By Christmas Ape | 43 comments

The Packers cut the tight end who fumbled the critical onside kick in the NFC Championship.

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KSK Week In Review: Goodell Hate Parade!

By Christmas Ape | 141 comments

We could have our own Roger Goodell parade of hate.

Fun With Mock Drafts

KSK Mock Draft: TV Show Openings

By Christmas Ape | 495 comments

We draft our favorite produced opening to a TV series. Your picks in the comments.

seattle seahawks

Seahawks Hype Video Aims To Rekindle Hope In Obnoxious Fan Base

By Christmas Ape | 64 comments

One Seahawks fan is done being sad and is ready for war again... in seven months.