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denver broncos

Broncos Beat 49ers Badly Enough to Bring Forth Blaine Gabbert

By Christmas Ape | 44 comments

Good thing Peyton set the record in the first half so no one needed to watch the second.

colin kaepernick

49ers-Broncos SNF Live Blog, Second Half

By Christmas Ape | 686 comments

And now 30 more minutes of football during which hopefully no records will be set.

colin kaepernick

49ers-Broncos SNF Live Blog

By Christmas Ape | 1,212 comments

Wonder if the cameras will try to show Peyton Manning and Jim Harbaugh on the sideline.

Blake Bortles

Jaguars Win First Game; Browns Suck Again

By Christmas Ape | 8 comments

Jags defense comes up big as Jacksonville upsets Cleveland.

seattle seahawks

Seahawks Upset By Rams, Controversial Fumble Recovery Seals Victory

By Christmas Ape | 9 comments

The Seahawks have now lost two straight and fall to .500. Brace yourselves for a lot of "THEY WOULD'VE WON IF THEY HAD PERCY HARVIN" takes.

dallas cowboys

Week 7 Late Games Open Thread

By Christmas Ape | 1,270 comments

Cowboys collapse is coming, though probably not just yet.

dallas cowboys

There Is a Bat-Mario At The Cowboys Game

By Christmas Ape | 4 comments

EEEETS-AH MEEEEEE [Christian Bale voice] BAT MARIO!


Gene Steratore Needs To Replace His Contacts

By Christmas Ape | 3 comments

As someone else who wears contacts, I feel his pain.