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KSK Week in Review: I’m Just Here So I Can Be Intrinsically Fulfilled

By Christmas Ape | 115 comments

Only two more days of nonsense before we have a football game.

seattle seahawks

This Week Is The Super Bowl of Professional Joint Rolling

By Christmas Ape | 38 comments

I'm just happy to live in a nation where joint-rolling speed is increasingly becoming an important job skill.


Study Finds NFL Players Who Played Tackle Football Before Age 12 Have Worse Cognitive Function

By Christmas Ape | 86 comments

Once again science tells us that youth football is bad and the sport in general is harmful to those playing it. Happy Super Bowl week, everybody!


The Philadelphia Daily News Wins The Marshawn Lynch Media Day Hot Take Award

By Christmas Ape | 102 comments

You knew the Marshawn hot takes were coming. Cheers to Marcus Hayes for having the hottest.