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Reading The KSK Mailbag Counts For Class Credit At The University Of Pune

By Monday Morning Punter | 94 comments

When Phil Knight, CEO of Nike, launched an ad campaign in 1988 encouraging aspiring basketball shoe owners to Just Do It, he very well could have been discussing man's uncertainty with the opposite sex.

He really does endorse all of those companies (and probably more)

A Glimpse Into the Near Future

By Unsilent Majority | 39 comments

Now that the Colts--among others--have expressed interest in adding advertisements to their practice jerseys, it's only a matter of time before game day jerseys get the same treatment in the NFL.


Dr. Z Remembers

By Monday Morning Punter | 61 comments

I went to a whorehouse in Singapore with Rocky Bleier in 1973.

Always Be Covering

I’m gonna get me the craziest, strippiest…

By Unsilent Majority | 13 comments

No crazy stripper wife of mine is gonna wear a t-shirt.

jeez punter that's just wrong

I’m Sorry, Paris Hilton

By Monday Morning Punter | 40 comments

I am sorry that you went to jail, mainly because now someone else will have a chance to rape you, although that may be a misnomer since you really don't know the meaning of the word "no.