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eric sollenberger

Seattle Church Group Makes Remarkably Well Produced Seahawks Rap Video

By Eric Sollenberger | 4 comments

Points added for production value, but a big deduction for mixed messaging as you can see at least two of the lesser-important commandments being broken in the video (sabbath, false idols, etc.) but you can't win 'em all guys.

No one cares about the Texans

Vanilla Ice To Perform At Texans’ ‘White Out’ Game

By Christmas Ape | 32 comments

The Houston Texans have a theme for each of its home games this season, including a "homecoming" game later in the year.

colin kaepernick

What Does Your Team’s Quarterback Say About Race?

By Christmas Ape | 41 comments

Whether it's Colin Kaepernick's tattoos or Robert Griffin III's alleged brand of cornball blackness, the subject of race remains a flashpoint in our nation's discourse about NFL quarterbacks.

Matt Jones

By Unsilent Majority | 30 comments

'He's so white, he could snort himself.

future draft picks of the New England Patriots

Pats Fans, Meet Your New God

By Unsilent Majority | 31 comments

Sure they're all "white", but how many of them can handle a fungo bat.