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Carolina Panthers

Your Week 13 Early Games Open Thread

By Christmas Ape | 1,367 comments

via What was once just a lackluster early afternoon slate of games is instead a somber three hours headlined by the most depressing game possible.

Alex Smith is f--king terrible

MY DAD IS COOLAH THAN YO-AH DAD! – KSK Kontent Klearinghouse

By Christmas Ape | 36 comments

Bill Simmons felt the need to mark the 34th anniversary of the first Halloween movie by taking his son to a place where part of the movie was filmed in a Patriots jersey and a Michael Myers mask.


Tom Brady’s Swearing Actually The Result Of Teammate Trolling

By Christmas Ape | 28 comments

While we were correct in identifying that Tom Brady was spotted by CBS cameras saying "F*ck you, bitches" on the sideline after his rushing touchdown in the third quarter of Sunday's game was confirmed by an official review, we were wrong in assuming that the outburst was directly angrily at the Bills or their fans.

buffalo bills

Trolling For Our Freedom – KSK Kontent Klearinghouse

By Christmas Ape | 61 comments

A submission from reader Alex in Afghanistan: Long time reader, first time emailer.

Aaron Rodgers

The Return Of Fan Fights – KSK Kontent Klearinghouse

By Christmas Ape | 16 comments

There wasn't much of a contest on the field at MetLife Stadium on Sunday, so fans in the upper reaches of the stands had to stage their own battle for New York State, replete with Zubaz, women punching and the finest that humanity has to offer (Jersey and Western New York chapters).


KSK 2012 NFL Prekkake: New England Patriots

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The Patriots once again lost in the Super Bowl to the Giants thanks to yet another late 4th quarter comeback drive orchestrated by Eli Manning.

chad johnson

Brady Bump – KSK Kontent Klearinghouse

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Judging from her slightly distended tummy, Gisele is showing signs that the next lil' troll genius is on the way.


Wes Welker Gets Hair Transplant, Remains Just Attractive Enough To Play With Brady

By Christmas Ape | 19 comments

This off-season, Wes Welker started hawking adult diapers and he got married.