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fun with photoshop

Receiver Brady Photoshopkkake

By Christmas Ape | 9 comments

We put out the call for further Wideout Dreamboat Photoshops.

Live Blogification

The Commenting System Has Not Disbanded!

By Christmas Ape | 254 comments

There are some alterations afoot with the KSK commenting system and live blogs.


Join The New Uproxx Commenting System For Fun ‘N’ Profit

By Christmas Ape | 301 comments

We here at KSK recently conducted a bit of audience research, which garnered a host of helpful suggestions, such as "please, more hardcore porn links in the live blog", "how about a Gerald Sensabaugh KSKharacter.

captain caveman

Here’s the Deal. Also: Some Notes on Commenting

By Captain Caveman | 206 comments

You'll notice that this is neither the Friday Five nor Sexy Friday.


Don’t Look Now, But Here Come The KSK Suicide Pools

By Monday Morning Punter | 35 comments

Inumerable thanks to the cadre of commenters that volunteered to set up these pools for our contest.


KSK Suicide Pools: Help Wanted

By Monday Morning Punter

We're looking for people to help us run the suicide pools for this year.

double entendres

The Giant Snatch

By Christmas Ape | 27 comments

Allow Me to Retort's submission in our Manning-to-Tyree-play naming contest was the overwhelming winner.

I always hurt the ones I love

Caveman’s 13th Circle of Hell

By Christmas Ape | 40 comments

For the most part, we love pouring our every fiber into this blog.