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bullshit holidays

The 2009 KSK NFL Halloween Kostumekkake

By Christmas Ape | 80 comments

Halloween falls on a Saturday this year, which is tremendous when coupled with the coinciding occurrence of Daylight Savings Time.

ksk group posts

It’s All Thanks to Tiki!

By Unsilent Majority | 78 comments

I made pinstripes what they are today.

Big Daddy Drew

Patriots Fans Feel Robbed, Want Black Man To Blame

By Big Daddy Drew | 238 comments

Christmas Ape linked to this petition earlier in the day, from Patriot fans calling on Roger Goodell to investigate the outcome of the Super Bowl.

bitter peyton manning

KSK Kollaborative Kaption Kontest

By Monday Morning Punter | 125 comments

KSK Reader Raphael was good enough to send us this Hi-Def screen grab of Peyton Manning on the bench in the midst of the Colts' loss to San Diego on Sunday.

bullshit holidays

Second Annual KSK Halloween Kostume Bukkake

By Monday Morning Punter | 54 comments

Someone asked me the other day if Halloween was an actual holiday and I told them to go punch the clown.

dont let us name your baby

We Tried…

By Monday Morning Punter | 75 comments

Your cheerleader is whats-her-face from some team.

Big Daddy Drew

Now THIS Is A Fantasy Draft Board

By Big Daddy Drew | 42 comments

The KSK Keeper League Draft is this evening.


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