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it's satire people

Dan Snyder Leaves Early, Spits In Stadium, Disgusted By Fans In Red Face

By Sarah Sprague | 11 comments

Yelling out at no one in particular, Snyder cried, "Is it really too much to expect them to have Redskin-appropriate headdresses?"

sarah sprague

Dear God, don’t let this story about Washington fans defending the “Redskins” name be about my relatives.

By Sarah Sprague | 109 comments

This is my prayer before I double-tap this link with my right index finger in the off-chance you exist and you're listening, god.

Dan Snyder is still in charge

Dan Snyder Meets With Native Americans, Ignores Elephant Wearing Headdress In The Room

By Sarah Sprague | 26 comments

You almost have to admire the audacity of Dan Snyder's behavior these past few weeks regarding the mounting pressure to change the name and mascot of his beloved football team.

Dan Snyder is still in charge

Dan Snyder Penned A Letter To Washington Humanskins Fans

By Sarah Sprague | 257 comments

To Everyone in our Washington Redskins Nation: It used to be a whole nation of redskins, but let's not let history get in the way.