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Johnny Sugar

This Week In F— You: Unnecessary Celebrity News Quotes

By Johnny Sugar | 68 comments

We make a huge deal out any dumb thing a famous person has to say so that we can generate a bunch of pageviews.

CFL Beat

CFL team asks Redskins where they bought their backhoe

By Trevor Risk | 76 comments

The Redskins football name debate could boil over into the Great White North’s football league if concern is raised enough about the Edmonton (CITY OF CHAMPIONS EH) football team name, the Eskimos.

Washington Football People

Racist Slur Offends Race Slur Was Created To Offend

By Johnny Sugar | 117 comments

According to a recent survey conducted by California State University, 67% of Native Americans find the name Redskins as well as the imagery around it to be racist. Additionally, 65.5 of respondents believed that non-Natives using the phrase was racist, compared to just 17.8 who didn’t.

Gronk In Space

KSK Kontent Klearinghouse: Guns, Hot Air Balloons and Cheeseheads – UPDATED

By Sarah Sprague | 50 comments

Via The Jets Blog  - New York Jets running back Mike Goodson was arrested early this morning when police discovered him and another man intoxicated in a parked SUV in Denville, New Jersey.


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