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Minnesota Vikings

Vikings Fans At Their Most Midwestern

By Christmas Ape | 22 comments

It's nice when a fan base conforms to basic regional stereotypes.

giant white people

Like Green Bay Residents Need Instructions On Being Fat

By Christmas Ape | 54 comments

Submitted for your ridicule: "Teach Me How to Raji" by 'Sconsin Sag District.

exploiting your crotchfruit

A superhuman effort from Prince kept this from being the worst Vikings song of all time

By flubby | 65 comments

If you are a fan of pudgy white people dancing awkwardly, hoo boy do we have a treat for you.


Baltimore’s Ravin’ !!!

By flubby | 23 comments

Mocking awkward white people dance may be the lowest of the low hanging fruit, but I just can't help myself.

very white people

Meet Silky Garrard’s Alter Ego…Sweaty Garrard

By Monday Morning Punter | 25 comments

Yes, that's David Garrard tearing up the dance floor with a bunch of white people at some wedding.

Fla + Packers fans = great place for military ordnance

In case cornhole is too highbrow for you…

By flubby | 20 comments

The Central Florida Jort Aficionados Association Packer Backers got together recently and O-town got tore up Wisconsin-diaspora style.

bad MS Paint

Your inside track to becoming a proehlfessional athlete

By flubby | 42 comments

Earlier this week, former Cardinal/Seahawk/Bear/Ram/Panther/Colt receiver Ricky Proehl opened Ricky Proehl’s Proehlific Park Youth Sports Complex in Greensboro, NC.

Matt "Matty Ice" Ryan

Better Know A Draft Pick: Matt Ryan

By Unsilent Majority | 9 comments

Welcome back to another year of Better Know A Draft Pick.

dallas cowboys

Cowboys’ consolation: fans lead league in YouTube idiocy

By flubby | 21 comments

Say what you will about those Lazy Tuesday goofs, but at least they didn't work too hard at looking ridicuwockle.


Mistake by the Lake vs. Insidious Cosmic Joke by the Same Lake. WHO YA GOT?

By Christmas Ape | 16 comments

It's a battle for Lake Erie supremacy, dredging duties and wasted playoff berths as two surprising teams string their respective long-suffering fanbases along just a little longer.