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captain caveman

KSK EKSKLUSIVE! Bernard Berrian’s Other Twitter Gaffes

By Captain Caveman | 37 comments

NOTE: This article was originally published October 4, 2011.


Truly A Peter Kingian Understanding of Twitter

By Christmas Ape | 16 comments

It's moments like these that make using Twitter and blogging as a whole enjoyable.

captain caveman

Martellus Bennett: Four-Eighths Black, Two-Thirds Cowboy, All Awesome

By Captain Caveman | 34 comments

Lots of people complain that Twitter is a pointless waste of time.


It’s North America’s Twitter Feed!

By Christmas Ape | 9 comments

Twitter is a hot white piece of Internet ephemera, one that in less than two year's time we'll look back at and snicker that we ever bothered with it in the first place, like Am I Hot or Not.


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