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Big Sandy

Sad Tweet Theater: Drew Brees

By Big Sandy | 26 comments

Drew Brees isn't in the playoffs this year, so otherwise happy tweets can be made to look sad.

eric sollenberger

The Seahawks’ Fake Twitter Bots Would Like To Remind You That Twitter’s IPO Is Bullsh*t

By Eric Sollenberger | 28 comments

Before going live on the New York Stock Exchange this morning, Twitter had to file a bunch of reports giving a detailed profile of their business.

captain caveman

This Week in F–k You: Twitter Lists

By Captain Caveman | 91 comments

On Wednesday, Sports Illustrated rolled out its "Twitter 100," a list of athletes, news outlets, and media personalities that Joe Sportsfan should follow on the popular social network.


Don’t Worry, Michael Vick Totally Has His Brother Under Control

By Burnsy | 25 comments

In case you missed it – and if you did, shame on you – former Virginia Tech quarterback and classic Miami Dolphins free agent Marcus Vick was creating quite the stir on the Tweeters during the Philadelphia Eagles matchup with the New Orleans Saints on Monday Night Football.

desperation time

Poor(er) Terrell Owens, Even The New York Jets Don’t Want Him

By Burnsy | 27 comments

On Monday Night Football, we witnessed the New York Jets defy the odds by hanging within a touchdown of the undefeated Houston Texans, despite the fact that Mark Sanchez couldn’t hit a receiver if he’d just climbed out of Tony Parker’s bed.

indianapolis colts

Jim Irsay And The Colts Are Up To Something

By Burnsy | 27 comments

[caption id="attachment_52507" align="aligncenter" width="650" caption=""This is a song I wrote called, 'I'm the Best, Everybody Love Me'.

Chad Ochocinco

Ochocinco Plans To Be Fined A Lot This Year

By Burnsy | 27 comments

[caption id="attachment_49708" align="aligncenter" width="650" caption="Ocho points to his ojo.


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