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dad more upset if the car didn't have vapor lock

“Where Can We Stick This Pointless Game?”: Bills/Jets Set to Relocate

By Trevor Risk | 33 comments

With time running thin on the decision, these are allegedly the final options for Sunday's game.

toronto bills

Early game open thread: Brad Childress death-watch in full swing

By flubby | 124 comments

Emboldened by the cheek shown by former teammate Randy Moss, the Vikings are in open revolt against Brad Childress.

dogging the Bills

Chan Gailey has had just about enough of your back-sass

By flubby | 25 comments

Yesterday some college kids were taking in the final day of Bills training camp in Rochester, NY.

toronto bills

Leodis McKelvin’s home vandalized after game-losing fumble
Visibly nervous Dick Jauron calls search for culprits a waste of time

By flubby | 33 comments

The home of Buffalo Bill Leodis McKelvin was vandalized after the kick returner's fumble cost his team a win over the New England Patriots.

let's get rowdy - BUFFALO STYLE

Buffalo Rolls Out the Red Placemats for T.O.

By Christmas Ape | 37 comments

Most people didn't think there'd be a huge reception for Terrell Owens when he got to Buffalo, but most people don't realize that the airport doubles as the coolest hangout spot in town.

bad MS Paint

Biking Bill accused of strong-arming his lance in woman’s yard

By flubby | 27 comments

We learned yesterday that Buffalo fullback Corey McIntyre was arrested in March and charged with a misdemeanor for alleged masturbating in a woman's front yard in Port St.

dallas is going down gary down

History can be so unkind to the losers

By flubby | 39 comments

The BuzzCuts wayback machine takes us to the early 1990's where we meet Mark Miller: Buffalo Bills Fan.

bad MS Paint

Bills, Toronto unveil eye-pleasing middle finger to city of Buffalo

By flubby | 58 comments

The Bills and the Rogers Centre have unveiled their "series logo" for the team's upcoming games in Toronto over the next several seasons.