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new england patriots


By Christmas Ape | 51 comments

Tom Brady went down during a Bucs-Patriots scrimmage on Wednesday when Adrian Clayborn pushed Nate Solder into the back of Brady's leg.

new england patriots

Tom Brady’s Pitbull Rumored To Be Running Amok On Children’s Playgrounds

By Sarah Sprague | 31 comments

Via The Weekly Meat When a little tidbit like this pops up in your Twitter feed, you cannot help but want to check out the veracity of the story.

captain caveman

Tom Brady Endorses UGGs, Cares Not for Your Gender Roles

By Captain Caveman | 98 comments

Tom Brady has added "ugly chick boots" to his ongoing list (along with "long, pretty hair") of things he's doing to cancel out the manliness of winning three Super Bowls and marrying a Brazilian supermodel.

Cool bros

Tom Brady Is ‘Cool’ According to Magazine That Once Posed Tom Brady With a Goat

By Unsilent Majority | 43 comments

Gisele B√ľndchen's most prized accessory will reportedly be named as the 23rd coolest man in America by GQ.