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captain caveman

Battle of the Hobo Coaches: Monday Night Football Open Thread

By Captain Caveman | 425 comments

Tonight the broken-down Camaro that is the Kansas City Chiefs roars into Gillette Stadium, where Todd Haley will no doubt burn out the engine and suffer a flat tire while attempting donuts at midfield.

kansas city chiefs


By Christmas Ape | 38 comments

I feel like I spent all of Derpoween sitting out in the field waiting for The Great Pumpkin Marmalard to show himself, only for nothing but derps and derps and derps and derps.

kansas city chiefs

Chargers-Chiefs Derpoween Live Blog

By Christmas Ape | 19 comments

American (Football Conference West) Horror Story Well, it's something to watch after you've shown off your undead Google Reader costume.

kansas city chiefs

AFC Divisional Round Bloodbath Is Set

By Christmas Ape | 35 comments

Keyshawn and the ESPN crew won't be able to ruin this moment until next season Joe Flacco finally posted a halfway competent outing in a playoff game.

bert flacco

Ed Reed Family Search Party Live Chat

By Christmas Ape | 34 comments

Charlie Weis Already Placing Orders At Gainesville Restaurants When your franchise's last postseason victory came against the Houston Oilers, you've been going through quite a bit of football frustration the last generation or so.

kansas city chiefs

The Increasingly Poor Miscues Of Todd Haley

By Christmas Ape | 50 comments

The Chiefs yesterday were the last team to be knocked from the ranks of the unbeaten when they lost to the Colts in Indianapolis, mostly because Dwayne Bowe can't catch, Matt Cassel is awful and Todd Haley wanted to pretend like it was Super Bowl XLIV all over again and he was Sean Payton.

Big Daddy Drew

Coach Haley Is Not Pleased With Your Execution

By Big Daddy Drew | 54 comments

(Chiefs practice bubble) Matt Cassel: Oh man oh man.

anyone named todd is bound to be a prick

Coach Haley Is Not Your Waiter

By Big Daddy Drew | 60 comments

(Chiefs headquarters) Scott Pioli: And here’s the weight room.