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This Week In F*ck You: Mandolines

By RobotsFightingDinosaurs | 160 comments

So fuck you, Devil Slicer. Fuck you and your promise of impeccably cut foods at the price of horrific injury.

Big Sandy

This Week In F–k You: The NFL schedule roll-out

By Big Sandy | 48 comments

And the worst part is that I'll still tune in to the announcement show to get the scheduling, making me an even bigger tool.

Johnny Sugar

This Week In F–k You: Spring

By Johnny Sugar | 105 comments

How spring has such a good reputation is beyond me. I think we romanticize the positive aspects of it all while conveniently ignoring all the negative ones.

lord kill the pain

This Week In F**k You: DJs

By Trevor Risk | 120 comments

You know that bar you liked hanging out in for the past few years? Well, now at seven o’clock a guy in a fedora and fingerless gloves comes in, hooks up a contraption that looks like a Simon to the sound system, shotguns a Monster Energy Drink and “gets turnt up” or “goes hard” or whatever at 115 decibels.

Old James

This Week In F**k You: “How I Met Your Mother”

By Old James | 153 comments

Ever had a tapeworm? Me neither. But imagine a doctor removing one from your digestive tract, only he forgot the head, and it started to regenerate. That’s the ninth season of “HIMYM”.

march madness

This Week In F**K You: Your Non-Basketball Brackets

By Sarah Sprague | 198 comments

When writers in other mediums say the internet is full of meaningless garbage, this is what they are talking about.

fish nightmares

This Week In F**k You: Pho

By Trevor Risk | 226 comments

Keep your compost puke stew away from me.

eric sollenberger

This week in f**k you: South By Southwest

By Eric Sollenberger | 194 comments

Via  Hi everyone it's me, the guy who lives in a city that has a very popular festival and gets grumpy at outsiders every year.

Big Sandy

This Week In F*ck You: The ’90s Nostalgia Bandwagon

By Big Sandy | 365 comments

Time to go put on some Fugazi bootlegs and firebomb a Boy Meets World DVD set.