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Old James

This Week In F**k You: “How I Met Your Mother”

By Old James | 153 comments

Ever had a tapeworm? Me neither. But imagine a doctor removing one from your digestive tract, only he forgot the head, and it started to regenerate. That’s the ninth season of “HIMYM”.

march madness

This Week In F**K You: Your Non-Basketball Brackets

By Sarah Sprague | 198 comments

When writers in other mediums say the internet is full of meaningless garbage, this is what they are talking about.

fish nightmares

This Week In F**k You: Pho

By Trevor Risk | 226 comments

Keep your compost puke stew away from me.

eric sollenberger

This week in f**k you: South By Southwest

By Eric Sollenberger | 194 comments

Via  Hi everyone it's me, the guy who lives in a city that has a very popular festival and gets grumpy at outsiders every year.

Big Sandy

This Week In F*ck You: The ’90s Nostalgia Bandwagon

By Big Sandy | 365 comments

Time to go put on some Fugazi bootlegs and firebomb a Boy Meets World DVD set.

this week in f--k you

This Week In F*ck You: NFL Memes

By Christmas Ape | 95 comments

How to get popular online through outright plagiarism.


This Week In F–k You: Duvets

By Trevor Risk | 56 comments

It’s not really the duvet that’s the problem. As Tyler Durden once told (SPOILERS!) himself, “it’s just a blanket”. The ruiner of mornings and sucker of time is the duvet COVER.


This Week In F–k You: Dan Shaughnessy

By Eric Sollenberger | 90 comments

Dan started today off with a blue whale's turd of a column telling his readers why other writers who aren't as brave as Dan Shaughnessy are bad. It is simply too putrid to ignore.