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Old James

This Week in F–k You: Your Hall of Fame Argument

By Old James | 97 comments

The Hall of Fame -- I don’t care which one, take your pick -- is meaningless.

Johnny Sugar

This Week In F— You: Unnecessary Celebrity News Quotes

By Johnny Sugar | 68 comments

We make a huge deal out any dumb thing a famous person has to say so that we can generate a bunch of pageviews.

Hipster Snacks

This Week In F*ck You: Here is your stupid f*cking Doritos Loaded review

By Sarah Sprague | 64 comments

You want me to debase myself for you? FINE. HERE ARE SOME F-ING DORITOS LOADED.

look at this futbol hipster

This Week In F*ck you: The “Soccer Fans Are Hipsters” Strawman Argument

By Johnny Sugar | 95 comments

The former soccer moms are becoming actual soccer fans, and we're about to embark on a future of decidedly uncool people loving the crap out of soccer.

this week in f--k you

This Week In F**k You: Sprint

By Christmas Ape | 70 comments

All phone companies suck, but especially this one.

it's satire people

This week in f*ck you: The World Cup

By PFT Commenter | 84 comments

Well I guess every ones got World Cup fever except for me mostly because I got vacinated against it by watching a entire game of soccer when I was young.

sarah sprague

This Week in F**K You: Throwback Thursdays

By Sarah Sprague | 157 comments

Always have to love a rant that starts with a Wim Wenders anecdote.

hot jeans take

This Week in F**k You: Button Fly Jeans

By Old James | 146 comments

This is what happens when you let Big Button get a hold of the jeans industry.


This Week In F*ck You: Mandolines

By RobotsFightingDinosaurs | 160 comments

So fuck you, Devil Slicer. Fuck you and your promise of impeccably cut foods at the price of horrific injury.