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The KSK Minority Report Card

By Monday Morning Punter | 63 comments

I'm sure that you've seen many of these so-called "Institutes" for WhateverTheFuck issuing report cards to NFL, Fortune 500 companies and whomever else they feel like bothering.


The Quarterbacks DEBATE!

By Monday Morning Punter | 30 comments

GWEN IFILL (EYE-fuhl) of PBS "fame:" Hello everyone, and welcome to our inaugural edition of The Quarterbacks Debate, an improvisational panel show where we bring in two NFL quarterbacks to discuss current events issues from around the world.

embedded video

Please Explain To Me The Spasm That I Noticed Some Of My Darker-Complected Friends Endure When They lollerskates

By Monday Morning Punter | 9 comments

49 Bernard PollardPosition: DBHeight: 6-1Weight: 224Born: 12/23/1984College: PurdueNFL Experience: 2Moves: Plentifulděkuji: Adam at Arrowhead Addict.


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