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captain caveman

Kelli Models the Hottest New Trend in Cheerleading Gear

By Captain Caveman | 30 comments

She's got style that woman Makes me smile that woman She's got spunk that woman Funk that woman She's got speed my babe Got what I need my babe She's got the ability To make a man outta me But most important of all Let me tell ya The lady's got BALLS By the way, Kelli has created a stir over at SI's Hot Clicks this week.

But if I'm Batman then who are you?

Poontang: The Final Frontier

By Monday Morning Punter | 29 comments

  Since the dawn of time, man has sought out to explore his universe, to understand the places and things around him, and to seek his fortunes about the uncharted plains.


Your Friday Cheerleader: The Frenchin’ Indian Whore?

By Monday Morning Punter | 33 comments

I'm sure that Cameron (or whatever her real name is) is actually a nice girl, but we've already ripped on effeminate men, shown disrespect for the dead, and disseminated tactics to boost album sales.

it's new to me

Your Regularly Scheduled Head Start On Your Search For Weekend Jack-0ff Material

By Monday Morning Punter | 26 comments

I don't think it's appropriate to just throw out random links of porn sites, espeically since your typical Friday fare includes more family-friendly fetishables.

jeez punter that's just wrong

Tiffany Will Cheer The Bengals To A 7-9 Record In 2008

By Monday Morning Punter | 49 comments

Some of you assholes would score a little more 'tang if you just opened your eyes and paid attention to the world around you.