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detroit lions

Reggie Bush To The Lions And Rashard Mendenhall To The Cardinals

By Christmas Ape | 34 comments

It's not a new pope, but a couple well-known running backs have new homes in the other conference.

the buzzsaw that is the arizona cardinals

A Simple Plea: Don’t Let Andy Reid Go To Arizona

By Christmas Ape | 26 comments

Ever since the Eagles fell out of playoff contention and it became clear that Andy Reid would at long last be fired, the team most frequently rumored to be the next destination for Andy was the San Diego Chargers.

Atlanta Falcons

Cardinals Save Fumble, Mike Smith Wastes Challenge

By Christmas Ape | 2 comments

Cardinals cornerback Greg Toler made a nice diving save of a Jason Snelling fumble to keep it in bounds so it could be recovered by another defender.


The Best Moments From 49ers-Cardinals

By Christmas Ape | 32 comments

If it weren't already evident, the Cardinals are destined to be the team with the hot start that fell apart after a month of media incredulity and sweeping hype.

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DO YHHHOUR JHHHHOB! – KSK Kontent Klearinghouse

By Christmas Ape | 21 comments

It appears the further adventures of Suspended Sean Payton have included corrective dental work.

the buzzsaw that is the arizona cardinals

Stop Everything. We Have Found The Worst.

By Christmas Ape | 17 comments

Reader John shared this image of a guy who attended Thursday night's Cardinals-Rams game in a Tim Tebow Arizona jersey.


The Best Moments From Cardinals-Rams Thursday Night

By Christmas Ape | 27 comments

Having your quarterback sacked 16 times in the span of two weeks is a good way to create a vacancy at the position and/or possibly death.

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Cardinals-Rams Live Blog, Second Half

By Christmas Ape | 723 comments

As opposed to our previous two live blogs, where all first half offense eased into the game just before halftime life it was trying to be fashionably late, both teams got on the board with their first possession, appearing shockingly competent.