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Canadian Thanksgiving

Jim Harbaugh Too Busy To Explain Life and Death To His Kids

By Trevor Risk | 5 comments

Sounds like it's time for Thanksgiving tofu in the Harbaugh house.

done wet my britches

Happy Thanksgiving from KSK

By Christmas Ape | 58 comments

A KSK tradition lives on, thanks to readers like you.

Big Sandy

What the NFL is giving thanks for this holiday season

By Big Sandy | 267 comments

The league is thankful for the short attention spans of Americans, mostly.

Donovan McNabb

The PFT Commenter Roast of Thanksgiving

By PFT Commenter | 74 comments

Well hello folks. Im so glad you could all make it out here to the inaugural roast of the holiday of Thanksgiving.

dan snyder is still an asshole

A very special Thanksgiving at Dan Synder manor

By Old James | 34 comments

Our favorite evil, tiny owner learns a valuable lesson. Haha, jk, no he doesn't.


How to Draw a Turkey

By Christmas Ape | 23 comments

A quick and easy guide to Thanksgiving fun!

Big Daddy Drew

God Explains Week 12 Of The NFL

By Big Daddy Drew | 43 comments

Many people scoff at the idea that God can control the outcome of sporting events, or that He even cares.