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and that's when the CHUDS came at me

Chudz Fired; Returns to Sewers

By Trevor Risk | 21 comments

Cleveland Browns coach, and cannibalistic humanoid underground dweller, Rob Chudzinski has reportedly been fired by the team.


KSK will now attempt a Cleveland Browns post devoid of jokes about Brady Quinn’s sexuality and/or Shaun Rogers’ girth

By flubby | 24 comments

"Revenge of the Dawgs" is a sci-fi revenge flick set in an alternate reality where the world is a hellish dystopia.

i know i'm jinxing cincy and i'm cool with that

Ruh Roh Romee-Row

By Christmas Ape | 3 comments

Everyone seems to be pulling for the scrappy, defensively deprived Cleveland Browns to overtake the Steelers for the AFC North crown.