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Big Daddy Drew

TV Execs Get An Unwelcome Visitor At Their Annual Upfronts

By Big Daddy Drew | 50 comments

The end of May marks what’s known as the upfront season in television, when the major networks announce their fall schedules in hopes of luring big advertising money.

Big Daddy Drew

KSK Eksklusive: The Night Before The Bin Laden Raid

By Big Daddy Drew | 93 comments

By now, you know many of the details behind Navy SEAL Team Six’s incredible raid of Osama bin Laden’s compound, a raid that ended with the world’s most wanted man dead and an entire terrorist network badly crippled.

Big Daddy Drew

The Japanese Get Dealt Yet Another Terrible Tragedy

By Big Daddy Drew | 71 comments

Japanese Nuclear Plant Worker #1: Yashido, we cannot stay at this plant much longer.

captain caveman

In Defense of Roof Sex: The KSK Sex/Fantasy Football Mailbag

By Captain Caveman | 115 comments

Before we get into today's mailbag -- which is a good one, I think -- I wanted to address the USC roof-sex scandal that's been going on this week.

surprises after the jump

Spare Me The Wrath Of Your Attorneys General

By Christmas Ape | 45 comments

Sally Jenkins, in today's Washington Post: If the fans don’t get a fair return on the public funds and favor lavished on owners, here’s what they should do: sue.

so very meta

Lex Lion: Gleatest Coach Evel

By Christmas Ape | 120 comments

Mike Wallace: Looks like we're getting a home game for the AFC Championship, after all.

bad MS Paint

Cancer Kid Gets A Rude Awakening

By Big Daddy Drew | 64 comments

Very Nice Kid Who Has Cancer And Loves The Packers: Oh, boy.

Big Daddy Drew

Coming This January From Fox Searchlight Pictures

By Big Daddy Drew | 75 comments

V/O: This January… Fox Searchlight Pictures invites you to discover the film critics around the world are already hailing as one of the defining movies of the century.


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