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colin kaepernick

The Guy Who Wrote That Racist Kaepernick Tattoo Column Got Canned

By Christmas Ape | 25 comments

That would be David Whitely, for people who pay attention to bylines.

I am not dey.

Just one of many B’s this kid will never see.

By flubby | 35 comments

Where would an impressionable Bengals fan pick up such attention-seeking behavior.

John Mayer is a better comedian than Dane Cook

Cosmo Said It, So It Must Be True!

By Unsilent Majority | 24 comments

Sure this is old news and it's already been covered pretty extensively in the sports blogosphere and even by the occasional leather fetishists, but it's never too late to make fun of douchebags.

back and to the left

Football Fans > Baseball Fans

By Unsilent Majority | 34 comments

Last night I accidentally saw a few minutes of Baseball Tonight (extended viewing of John Kruk has been known to cause hemorrhoids in test subjects).

captain caveman

Dear Peter King, Please Stop Baiting Us So Obviously

By Captain Caveman | 78 comments

I stopped reading Peter King's Monday Morning Quarterback column not long after I posted a picture of his daughter on the Internet.


KSK Off-Topic: A Quick Note To All The Old, White (and occasionally Jewish) People In The National Sports Media

By Monday Morning Punter | 35 comments

Just shut up about students storming the court already, Old, White (and occasionally Jewish) People.


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