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desean jackson
Full-BAC Drive

Heres a iPhone app for drunk NFL players to get sober rides home from fans

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Attention NFL players. Every Superbowl theres some showoff like a Eugene Robinson or a Barrett Robbins who lets his team down by getting arrested and being a distraction. So if you go out and have one to many drinks I've invented a safe way for you to get home.

it's satire
weed football

Roger Goodell would consider allowing players to treat concussions with marijuana

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Guess what folks were almost here in SuperBong week with the Denver Dankos going up verse the Sinsamillattle Sativawks= two cities that are more covered in grey smoke then the popes chimney.

celebrity super bowl pick bukkake

KSK Celebrity pickakke: RG3 raps his Super Bowl pick

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Sung to the tune of "Notorious Thugs" by Notorious BIG and Bone Thugs -n-HarmonyIts R-G Threezy threezyIts R-G Threezy threezyIts R-G Threezy threezyIts R-G Threezy threezy (Start at 1:13) Marshawn, DangerRuss,Cant nobody play in the rain with us,Straight up skittles no flavor dustLabel us notorious,Thug-ass Sherman who love to cussIts strange to us, you nicklebacks scramblin' gamblin'Up in Subways with mandolins, choppin olives and,We just sittin here tryin to win without my knee bendHigh off Gatorade Fierce Melon.

colin kaepernick

Key and Peele: Kaepernick and Wilson edition

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Hey folks so I wrote a hilarious Key and Peele sketch leading up to the playoffs game between Colin Kapernick whose literally the biggest thug to ever play the sport of football and Russell Wilson whose just a outstanding impressive charisma worldclass class act.

are seahawks fans loud?

Why is Seattle’s Stadium really so loud?

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So why exactly are the Seahawks so good at home? Lets take a look at the scientific reasons why the stadium is so loud: