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5 out 5 NFL personnel guys would rather have Derek Carr at QB than Colin Kaepernick

By PFT Commenter | 49 comments

The athletic QB trend in the NFL is officially over, but the dawn of the "sneaky-athletic" trend is just beginning.

PFT Commenter

Finally, Mike Ditka weighs in on Ferguson

By PFT Commenter | 82 comments

It's important to keep in perspective when its ok to use things as a excuse to riot and loot- like winning a Super Bowl for example.

David Rappoccio

KSK Roundtable: Are 5-11 playoff teams acceptable?

By David Rappoccio | 36 comments

Our panel of hot take dispensers decide if a bad division champ can be tolerated.

Donovan McNabb

The PFT Commenter Roast of Thanksgiving

By PFT Commenter | 74 comments

Well hello folks. Im so glad you could all make it out here to the inaugural roast of the holiday of Thanksgiving.

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Monday Night Football BINGO!!!

By PFT Commenter | 4 comments

Tonight we watch the Ravens take a trip down to the Big Easy which coincidently is what I call the entire NFC South.

greg schiano

Dominic Raiola dove at knees at final whistle because the Patriots scored too much

By PFT Commenter | 12 comments

The Lions center decided that if you cant put up a W you can at leased make your opponets leg look like one.

kansas city chiefs

Thursday Night Football BINGO!

By PFT Commenter | 6 comments

For every Kansas City square ruin your drink by pouring a cup and a half of sugar into your beer and then make fun of someone for being uncultured because they dump a half gallon of vinegar into theirs.

buffalo bills

Thursday Night Football BINGO

By PFT Commenter | 6 comments

Its a battle of two AFC East teams that are in a heated battle for the traditional second place finish that marks the annual beginning of 6 months of hoping the Pats trade Tom Brady.