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Big Daddy Drew

Our Hearts Are Broken

By Big Daddy Drew | 58 comments

Titans Fan: It still doesn’t seem real.

ksk group posts

Your Braindead Steve McNair Murder Speculation Clearinghouse

By Big Daddy Drew | 59 comments

As Nashville police try and sort through the sad details of Steve McNair’s murder, various media outlets have stumbled over themselves to get ahead of the story, thus resulting in a rare perfect storm of retarded speculation and braindead theories about the circumstances surrounding the star QB’s demise.

captain caveman

Riddled with Bullets in a Murder-Suicide Committed by Your 20-Year-Old Extramarital Girlfriend Who Just Got a DUI: How Not to Have a Cheerful Holiday Weekend

By Captain Caveman | 47 comments

Okay, here's the requisite Steve McNair update, as if you haven't already gotten the details 800 times while watching SportsCenter on loop.

captain caveman

Celebrity Death Doesn’t Get Holidays Off: R.I.P. Steve McNair

By Captain Caveman | 69 comments

Holy crap: Steve McNair was found dead in Nashville, shot in the head and one of the victims of an apparent double homicide.


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