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new york giants

Shaun Rogers Lost $500,000 in Jewelry From a Hotel Safe

By Christmas Ape | 22 comments

Giants nose tackle Shaun Rogers once got arrested for bringing a loaded gun to an airport, so we already know he's not the brightest.

AFC Norff

Shaun Rogers Didn’t Get The Memo That 9/11 Happened

By Christmas Ape | 13 comments

Lost in the excitement of Flozell Adams losing his job so he can go kick at people's knees in the unemployment line is the unbelievably amusing news that Browns defensive tackle Shaun Rogers tried to bring a loaded semiautomatic onto a plane.

Big Daddy Drew

Ocho And Marvin, Under One Roof! The Alphabet Episode

By Big Daddy Drew | 43 comments

In an effort to regain control of his team, Bengals coach Marvin Lewis decides to take the drastic step of bringing volatile wideout Chad Ocho Cinco into his home in a spirited attempt to get the two men to understand one another.


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