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eric sollenberger

Rugby League star to try professional football, NFL announcers everywhere prepare to misuse the term “scrum”

By Eric Sollenberger | 86 comments

He plays on one of the best club teams and represents Australia's national side in the Four Nations tournament.

Big Sandy

49ers fan shoots Seahawks fans over bandwagon taunts

By Big Sandy | 48 comments

At first, the shooter reportedly waved a knife at the 12th Men but everyone knows you don't bring a knife to a mouth-off.

legion of choom

The NFL Tried To Drug Test Brandon Browner For A Job He Didn’t Have

By PFT Commenter | 4 comments

Suprise Suprise folks, the Legion of Choom/ Seadderal Pharmacyhawks has struck again.

eric sollenberger

The Seahawks’ Fake Twitter Bots Would Like To Remind You That Twitter’s IPO Is Bullsh*t

By Eric Sollenberger | 28 comments

Before going live on the New York Stock Exchange this morning, Twitter had to file a bunch of reports giving a detailed profile of their business.