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Big Sandy

49ers fan shoots Seahawks fans over bandwagon taunts

By Big Sandy | 48 comments

At first, the shooter reportedly waved a knife at the 12th Men but everyone knows you don't bring a knife to a mouth-off.

legion of choom

The NFL Tried To Drug Test Brandon Browner For A Job He Didn’t Have

By PFT Commenter | 4 comments

Suprise Suprise folks, the Legion of Choom/ Seadderal Pharmacyhawks has struck again.

eric sollenberger

The Seahawks’ Fake Twitter Bots Would Like To Remind You That Twitter’s IPO Is Bullsh*t

By Eric Sollenberger | 28 comments

Before going live on the New York Stock Exchange this morning, Twitter had to file a bunch of reports giving a detailed profile of their business.