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Floatball — KSK Kontent Klearinghouse

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Russian dashcams: good at capturing comet strikes but also effective as getting footage of a driver weaving recklessly through traffic before eventually scraping the hell out of a bunch of other cars.

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The Best Moments From Buccaneers-Vikings

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Doug Martin is now an unstoppable hybrid of Barry Sanders and Emmitt Smith, according to Brad Nessler and Mike Mayock.

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Buccaneers-Vikings Live Blog, Second Half

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Vikings fans deserve whatever horrible fate befalls them for allowing this Tebowtard to lurk peaceably in their midst.


Your Week 3 Early Games Open Thread

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In case having his players dive at the knees of opponents, berating assistants for serving the wrong type of pasta and being adored by Peter King wasn't enough to convince you that Greg Schiano is a hateful Cro Magnon, Mike Silver has delivered with a feature about how the rest of the league disdains Schiano for his bush league tactics as well as being generally dickish to NFL scouts for the span of a decade.