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has satan left the patriots for the broncos?

Stevan Ridley’s Helmet Out with Concussion

By Tim Schavitz | 4 comments

Still early in the Manning-Brady bowl MXXVII and the Patriots have fumbled away in three plays in the first quarter, the first one resulting in a Von Miller 60-yard fumble return for a touchdown.

captain caveman

Tim Tebow in Defeat: A Children’s Treasury of Pictures

By Captain Caveman | 47 comments

All I wanted for Christmas was for Tim Tebow to lose by three scores at home to one of the worst passing defenses in the NFL.

At least Osi didn't poop on his chest

Schadenfreude Gallery: All the Photos of Jay Cutler Getting Sacked You Could Possibly Want

By Captain Caveman | 62 comments

I wish no ill upon the Bears; Chicago is a wonderful city that has provided me with many good times.

fat humps

Oh No, We’re Not Done Basking in Colts Misery Just Yet

By Christmas Ape | 100 comments

I don't particularly care whether or not the losing team in the Super Bowl races out to midfield to shake the hands and grab the dicks of the winners.

Brian Fired Russell

Brian Russell Finally Does Something Good for the Seahawks

By Captain Caveman | 30 comments

Longtime readers of this site know that I've always had a love-hate relationship with aging white safety Brian Russell -- in that I would love it if he died, because I hate him.