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joe philbin

The Best Moments From Week 3 Sunday

By Christmas Ape | 116 comments

What was truly the worst about the scab refs this week wasn't even the repeated examples of mind-bending incompetence or the protracted delays.


KSK 2012 NFL Prekkake: Oakland Raiders

By Christmas Ape | 57 comments

via After centuries of reaping malevolence upon the living and the unliving, Al Davis retired to reign over the netherworld exclusively in 2011, leaving a depleted and feckless Raiders team in his half-decomposed wake.


Thursday Night Football Returns With More Lisping

By Christmas Ape | 275 comments

Thursday night football, everyone's favorite late-season tradition that is only available to that percentage of the nation that gets NFL Network, returns with a classic AFC West turnover fest.

bad MS Paint

Late game open thread: Fernando’s “Tebow getting his 1st start AT Oakland open thread”

By flubby | 236 comments

Yesterday, in the wee, wee hours of the morning we received an email from KSK reader Fernando G.

denver broncos

KSK 2010 Prekkake: AFC West

By Christmas Ape | 35 comments

It’s that time of year when we make bad predictions about the upcoming season and bad jokes, all in the same post.

jeff george memorial least of the week

KSK Meast and Least of the Week — Week 13

By Christmas Ape | 70 comments

Your Meast this week is "The Polish Rifle" and yinzer non grata Bruce Gradkowski, who possibly murdered the Steelers season with three 4th quarter touchdowns, including a game-winner with nine seconds left to Louis Murphy.

keenan mccardell references

Invoking the Keenan McCardell Rule: your 4pm open thread

By flubby | 53 comments

Dallas at NY Giants – The above video was shot before the first Cowboys-Giants game this season.


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