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Preseason Fashion Police: Beards, Shorts and Sammy Watkins Cosplay

By Sarah Sprague | 32 comments

Football, where we all play dress-up and tell ourselves it's not as geeky as ComicCon.

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KSK 2014 NFL Prekkake: San Francisco 49ers

By Christmas Ape | 30 comments

Who's got it better than us? Besides Seattle?

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Taiwanese Animators Tackle The Sherman-Crabtree Beef

By Christmas Ape | 8 comments

The narrator's Richard Sherman voice leaves something to be desired.

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Jeff Reed, Too ELITE for AFL AND CFL, Attempting NFL Comeback

By Sarah Sprague | 34 comments

Paper towel dispensers across the South shuddered with fear today when the news broke that Sheetz bathroom terrorist Jeff Reed is attempting an NFL comeback with the Titans


Report: The 49ers Are Sick Of Aldon Smith’s Sh*t

By RobotsFightingDinosaurs | 56 comments

While this is sad for Smith, and will only inspire more hair-trigger reactions from the media.

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Aldon Smith Reportedly Arrested For Yelling Bomb At An Airport

By Christmas Ape | 37 comments

Aldon Smith did one of the few things not protected by free speech.