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Willis McGahee to try out for professional rugby league

By Eric Sollenberger | 24 comments

The 33 year-old McGahee played in the NFL for 11 years, most recently with the Browns last season where he averaged a Toby Gerhardt-esque 2.7 YPC over a 12 game span.

eric sollenberger

Rugby League star to try professional football, NFL announcers everywhere prepare to misuse the term “scrum”

By Eric Sollenberger | 86 comments

He plays on one of the best club teams and represents Australia's national side in the Four Nations tournament.

eric sollenberger

Lions sign Carlin Isles, fastest rugby player in the world, to practice squad

By Eric Sollenberger | 23 comments

In keeping with an old Detroit Christmas tradition, the Lions have nothing to play for in week 17. But they made a surprise move that will allow us to post some boxing day speed-porn.


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