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White History Month – Roger Goodell

By PFT Commenter | 35 comments

Commissioner Roger Goodell has been the ray of Red light the NFL needed.

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NFL Suspension Chart for Players Who Haven’t Been Convicted of a Crime

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If theres one person who has pinned back more ears than the Attleboro City Coroner looking for entry wounds its Commissioner Roger Goodell.

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Lord Rog Wants A More Humane Way Of Cutting Players

By Sarah Sprague | 21 comments

Speaking at the Spring Meetings yesterday, Lord Roger Goodell said the NFL has been looking at more humane ways to release players from the league.

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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Trolls Fans, Suggests Expanding Playoffs

By Sarah Sprague | 59 comments

Hoping everyone will quickly forget about the punishment he doled out to New Orleans Saints players implicated in the bounty scandal being vacated by a real commissioner if he changes the subject, Roger Goodell suggested expanding the playoffs to include 14 or 16 teams this evening at the December Special League Meeting.


Roger Goodell Upholds Roger Goodell’s Ruling, Says Roger Goodell

By Danger Guerrero | 12 comments

[caption id="attachment_50082" align="aligncenter" width="651" caption=""My unchecked authority is THIS big.

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Ochocinco Plans To Be Fined A Lot This Year

By Burnsy | 27 comments

[caption id="attachment_49708" align="aligncenter" width="650" caption="Ocho points to his ojo.


Roger Goodell Doesn’t Care About Your Grievances

By Danger Guerrero | 25 comments

Roger Goodell slapped down some pretty serious suspensions on the players involved in the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal.

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Roger Goodell Might Suspend the Pro Bowl

By Danger Guerrero | 28 comments

The Pro Bowl has been a joke for a long time now, with players skipping and/or half-assing it for a myriad of reasons, including injury concerns, "injury concerns," and "I can afford my own damn trip to Hawaii, thank you very much.