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Taiwanese Animators Flush Andrew Luck

By RobotsFightingDinosaurs | 13 comments

Andrew Luck gets flushed down a gigantic toilet, Tom Brady gets slapped and we get a depressing look at Peyton Manning in a retirement home.

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From Florio’s “Drafts” Folder: Marshawn Lynch’s New Gold Cleats Prove He Is Soft

By RobotsFightingDinosaurs | 27 comments

They're painted with actual gold leaf, and the bottoms are all shiny and chromey. Pretty nice shoes!

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Peyton Manning Was Playing On A Torn Quad, Offers Sportswriters An Excuse For His Crappy Play

By RobotsFightingDinosaurs | 85 comments

To the delight of slurping sportswriters everywhere, Adam Schefter broke the news that Peyton Manning had been playing on a torn quad for a month.

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On Romobyl

By RobotsFightingDinosaurs | 74 comments

But what if Romobyl never comes?