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Big Daddy Drew

A Conspiracy Is Afoot With The Dunge

By Big Daddy Drew | 78 comments

Dungy: For the past few years, I have seen my beloved NFL become overrun with loudmouth coaches and deranged hooligans with no semblance of respect for authority of Jesus.

rex ryan: greatest coach ever

Rob Ryan Breaks Family Omerta On Rex’s Foot Fetish

By Christmas Ape | 21 comments

via If there's one thing that isn't discussed in the Ryan household, it's the time Buddy's three sons collected on daddy's bounty on door-to-door solicitors.

captain caveman

This Is Disappointing.

By Captain Caveman | 28 comments

Not only did Rex Ryan NOT discuss any bowel movements on Letterman last night, he didn't even hand out any nicknames.

Big Daddy Drew

Nacho Needs A Bit Of Bedroom Motivation

By Big Daddy Drew | 146 comments

Mark Sanchez: Well, I had a really great time tonight.

ben rongrastname

Rapey QBs Allegedly In Contention For Super Bowl Berth

By Christmas Ape | 28 comments

Nachos Con Choco Tacos The Jets went through the third-seeded Colts and the top-seed Patriots to get to the AFC title game.


Belichick’s Empire Vs. Ryan’s Foot-ballers

By Captain Caveman | 42 comments

Foot Fetishist/Ugg Enthusiast Live Chat There's been so much talk about this game that I'm actually anticipating the game being over more than I am the game being played.