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Jets/Ravens Live Blog: ‘The Mad Backer’ D Party

By Christmas Ape | 16 comments

Rex Ryan and Derrick Mason Go Bawlmer Trolling During the Sunday Night Football Night In Redundancy Night pregame show, Bart Scott dubbed himself "The Mad Backer" which is just about as stupid a nickname as the "T-Sizzle" moniker belonging to former teammate and tonight's opponent, Terrell Suggs.

Big Daddy Drew

A Conspiracy Is Afoot With The Dunge

By Big Daddy Drew | 78 comments

Dungy: For the past few years, I have seen my beloved NFL become overrun with loudmouth coaches and deranged hooligans with no semblance of respect for authority of Jesus.

rex ryan: greatest coach ever

Rob Ryan Breaks Family Omerta On Rex’s Foot Fetish

By Christmas Ape | 21 comments

via If there's one thing that isn't discussed in the Ryan household, it's the time Buddy's three sons collected on daddy's bounty on door-to-door solicitors.

captain caveman

This Is Disappointing.

By Captain Caveman | 28 comments

Not only did Rex Ryan NOT discuss any bowel movements on Letterman last night, he didn't even hand out any nicknames.

Big Daddy Drew

Nacho Needs A Bit Of Bedroom Motivation

By Big Daddy Drew | 146 comments

Mark Sanchez: Well, I had a really great time tonight.

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Rapey QBs Allegedly In Contention For Super Bowl Berth

By Christmas Ape | 28 comments

Nachos Con Choco Tacos The Jets went through the third-seeded Colts and the top-seed Patriots to get to the AFC title game.