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mueller investigation

Mueller report: Roger Goodell cleared of all wrongdoing, is a handsome boy

By PFT Commenter | 71 comments

Looks like everyone owes Roger Goodell a big, sloppy, hard, wet, apology. Go ahead I'll wait.


Here Come The ‘Teams Are Interested In Ray Rice’ Reports

By Christmas Ape | 20 comments

The Colts and Saints are the only two of the four mentioned by name.

baltimore ravens

Ray Rice Could Be Reinstated By November

By Johnny Sugar | 7 comments

La Canfora reports Rice could be able to sign with a team in a month. Whether another team will take him is another matter.

DeMaurice Smith

Roger Goodell will not testify in your sham trial

By PFT Commenter | 5 comments

The NFL has declined the NFLPA’s request that Goodell testify in the appeal hearing.

Big Sandy

ESPN report: Yes, the Ravens and NFL tried to cover up the Ray Rice incident

By Big Sandy | 122 comments

It's a pretty damning and detailed report and even suggests that the original two-game suspension to Rice was a favor from Goodell to Bisciotti.

David Rappoccio

Scooby Doo and the case of the Elevator Thug

By David Rappoccio | 44 comments

“Wowee, so this is New Jersey. Scary Stuff, Scoob!”

Big Sandy

49ers suspend announcer for talking about Ray Rice, still start Ray McDonald

By Big Sandy | 32 comments

Apparently for the 49ers, domestic violence is okay but talking about it is bad.


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