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Bill Simmons Has Graduated From Retard to the Urtard

By Christmas Ape | 40 comments

Since early this season, I've tried valiantly to avoid Bill Simmons, he of the puffy jowls, the nasally voice and the inept game predictions.

"if they called me Ookie it would really be on"

KSK Mail: If we use “Ookie” they may sookie

By flubby | 46 comments

In case you missed it, last week we rolled out KSK's new “FREE OOKIE” shirts to recognize Ron Mexico's contributions to Western Culture.

Big Daddy Drew

Dear Scottrade Helicopter Guy: F–k You

By Big Daddy Drew | 54 comments

Dear Rodger Riney, aka the dude in the Scottrade helicopter ads that I've been forced to watch during every televised sporting event over the past eight months:Fuck you.


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