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Big Sandy

New Rams stadium in Inglewood gets the green light

By Big Sandy | 38 comments

The Rams take the lead in the L.A. stadium race thanks to action by the Inglewood City Council.


5 out 5 NFL personnel guys would rather have Derek Carr at QB than Colin Kaepernick

By PFT Commenter | 49 comments

The athletic QB trend in the NFL is officially over, but the dawn of the "sneaky-athletic" trend is just beginning.

Big Sandy

Introducing The KSK Scale of Sadness

By Big Sandy | 106 comments

Other sites have their power rankings. But at KSK, we like when people suffer; it brings them down to our level.


AFC West Midseason Report Card

By Old James | 24 comments

You're out there, AFC West fans. We see you. We hear you, too - boastfully waxing about how your team plays in the toughest division football doesn't go unnoticed.

baseball is a sport?

Baseball Bullies NFL into Ridiculously Late Start

By Big Sandy | 30 comments

For those of you getting all pumped for Sunday's big tilt featuring the 1-3 Oakland Raiders versus the 2-2 San Diego Chargers, load up on Red Bull.