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Fix yo rookie pay scale

Rookie Quarterbacks Aren’t Allowed To Suck Anymore

By Johnny Sugar | 33 comments

Their reward for their more-or-less encouraging play? Michael Vick and Josh McCown taking their jobs.

colin kaepernick

What Does Your Team’s Quarterback Say About Race?

By Christmas Ape | 41 comments

Whether it's Colin Kaepernick's tattoos or Robert Griffin III's alleged brand of cornball blackness, the subject of race remains a flashpoint in our nation's discourse about NFL quarterbacks.

joey harrington's mom says he has a lovely smile

Geeks exhaustively crunch numbers to tell us shit
we already know

By flubby | 39 comments

The poindexters at Pro Football Reference have unveiled their list of the worst quarterbacks in the history of the game.

Matt "Matty Ice" Ryan

Better Know A Draft Pick: Matt Ryan

By Unsilent Majority | 9 comments

Welcome back to another year of Better Know A Draft Pick.


The GQ Quarterback Photos REEEEEEEEEEEE-MIX!

By Captain Caveman | 22 comments

It was just last week that we were first able to gaze upon GQ's latest photo stylings of some of the NFL's hot young quarterbacks.

head injuries


By Unsilent Majority | 24 comments

The Sports Network (which exists) is reporting that the NFL will open a "concussion hotline" for concerned players, doctors, coaches, and that guy that takes fantasy football a bit too seriously.


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