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KSK 2014 NFL Prekkake: Pittsburgh Steelers

By Christmas Ape | 90 comments

"We're from the town with the okay football team"

Atlanta Falcons

KSK Training Camp Round Up Week 1: Hard Hits

By Sarah Sprague | 69 comments

Well isn't that just the cutest tackle you've ever seen?

pittsburgh steelers

Legendary Steelers Head Coach Chuck Noll, Dead at 82

By Sarah Sprague | 39 comments

Four time Super Bowl Champion and former Steelers head coach Chuck Noll has passed away at age 82.

drunken kickers

Jeff Reed, Too ELITE for AFL AND CFL, Attempting NFL Comeback

By Sarah Sprague | 34 comments

Paper towel dispensers across the South shuddered with fear today when the news broke that Sheetz bathroom terrorist Jeff Reed is attempting an NFL comeback with the Titans

brady quinn

KSK Kontent Klearinghouse: Very Early 2014 Win Totals

By Christmas Ape | 17 comments

Only real gamblers bet on the 2014 season before the draft and free agency.