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The Eagles Come Back Again, Bring Glory To The Tempo Clock

By Christmas Ape | 42 comments

For the second straight week, the Eagles come back from a big halftime deficit.

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Eagles-Colts Live Blog, Second Half

By Christmas Ape | 776 comments

Eagles offense getting a lot of hype and is moving the ball, but red zone struggles have them behind at half.


Eagles-Colts MNF Live Blog

By Christmas Ape | 1,018 comments

Eagles vs. Colts. Two teams expected to own their respective bad divisions.


Michael Vick Is Pissed At Riley Cooper For Not Texting Him Back

By Christmas Ape | 49 comments

Riley Cooper not texting Michael Vick back now that the world moved on from Riley's hate speech.

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Mark Sanchez Does Not Want To Go To The Rams, Gets Help From Friend

By Sarah Sprague | 25 comments

Despite being a starting job, Mark Sanchez does not want to go to St. Louis.

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KSK 2014 NFL Prekkake: Philadelphia Eagles

By Christmas Ape | 52 comments

Is this the year personalized smoothies conquer the world?


White History Month: Riley Cooper

By PFT Commenter | 106 comments

"Strap on youre boat shoes, put on some vinyl and brag about your sexlife with your wife because this is YOUR month!!!"

Kickers Are People Too

Philadelphia Eagles Add Murderleg, Team Becomes More Murder-y On Kickoffs

By Sarah Sprague | 44 comments

Meet Casey Spear, better known as "Murderleg" on the field, an undrafted free agent signed by the Philadelphia Eagles over the weekend.