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Johnny Sugar

Better Know A Former Backup QB: Special Philadelphia Eagles Edition

By Johnny Sugar | 51 comments

BKAFBQB explores the rich history of the Eagles and notable backups.

chip kelly

DeMarco Murray Reportedly Got a Five-Year Deal With The Eagles

By Christmas Ape | 114 comments

So basically the Eagles traded the NFL's third-leading rusher in 2014 for the leading rusher.

demarco murray

Poor Ryan Mathews

By Christmas Ape | 41 comments

Mathews has a contract in front of him but he has to wait to see what happens with DeMarco Murray.

indianapolis colts

Daytime’s Hottest New Drama: Frank Gore in Free Agency

By RobotsFightingDinosaurs | 26 comments

And now Frank Gore might end up signed with the Colts. Free agency is fun!

buffalo bills

Eagles Trade LeSean McCoy To Bills For Kiko Alonso

By Christmas Ape | 115 comments

A blockbuster trade sends the Eagles star running back to the Bills for a promising young linebacker.

Philadelphia Eagles

The Wife of Darren Sproles Has Had Enough of the Haters

By Spilly | 19 comments

Remember, players and their families are just as petty as us!