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xmas ape

PFT Slow News Day Headlines Are The Best Of The Worst

By Christmas Ape | 24 comments

Beyond the David Diehl DWI arrest, Ocho getting a workout with the Dolphins and Jerome Simpson's three-game suspension being handed down, it's about as dead a Monday as you're bound to find on the NFL calendar.

captain caveman

Pro Football Talk Has All the Best Sprint Ads. Rest of Headline.

By Captain Caveman | 39 comments

We're not sure if or when Mike Florio will feel the need to update this post, but we definitely enjoy the present incarnation.

Big Daddy Drew

Here’s A Juicy Rumor: Sprint’s Simply Everything Plan Will Save You A Bundle!

By Big Daddy Drew | 20 comments

While we're busy trying to figure out which draft pick might possibly sign with which agent (because that's interesting.