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Shrewd Businessman Peyton Manning Aware That Marijuana Is A Thing

By RobotsFightingDinosaurs | 46 comments

twitter On the heels of the NFL's new drug policy rollout, here's some shocking news out of The MMQB: Peyton Manning slyly alluded to the fact that marijuana use is legal in Colorado, thereby implying that he is aware that the drug exists.

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Peyton’s Letters from training camp #1: Eli, you’re being a baby

By Sarah Sprague | 47 comments

Peyton writes back to Eli with sage older brother advice (which means insulting).

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KSK Celebrity Super Bowl Pickakke: Barack Obama

By PFT Commenter | 17 comments

My "fellow" Americans, its me your President Barack Hussain Obama.

denver broncos

Manning vs. Brady: A Mostly Inaccurate Oral History of Football’s Most Annoying Rivalry

By Old James | 78 comments

This is the never-before-heard story of football’s most cherished rivalry, as told by those closest to them.

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What can we get Peyton Manning to endorse next?

By Big Sandy | 61 comments

So consider this a challenge, Peyton. We dare you to accept these endorsement deals.

David Rappoccio

How to draw Peyton Manning

By David Rappoccio | 43 comments

I've spent a lot of my time drawing Peyton Manning in various forms.

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A New Era® of NFL Sponsorships

By Old James | 45 comments

Yesterday we told you about someone screaming “Papa John’s” as Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning called out an audible.

David Rappoccio

Excerpts from “The Book of Manning”

By David Rappoccio | 22 comments

A trailer recently dropped for ESPN film's "SEC Storied: The Book of Manning", a film about Archie Manning praying to satan to make his sons into NFL superstars.