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captain caveman

Peter King Knows Just the Authors You Need to Read

By Captain Caveman | 57 comments

Allow me to apologize in advance for the lack of venomous vulgarity in this week's breakdown of Peter King's reviled Monday Morning Quarterback column.

Birthday Dog

Happy Birthday, You Big Putz

By Unsilent Majority | 46 comments

Birthday Dog wants to know whose leg he has to hump to get some table scraps at this party.

captain caveman

Peter King Puts the ‘Anal’ in ‘Tom Brady Analysis’

By Captain Caveman | 45 comments

This week in "Proof that the Media Should Think Twice Before Sending Press Releases to Blogs," a kindly Director of Communications at Time Inc.

Big Daddy Drew

Peter King Demands You Invite Him To Your Wedding

By Unsilent Majority | 66 comments

It's the NFL offseason now, so you might think Peter King would go take some time off to, I don't know, work the land, or discover strange new urinals to relieve himself in, or buy people free dinners and then remind them that he bought them a free dinner.

aren't these wordpress tags just the greatest?

Everything is wonderful and nothing is not wonderful.

By flubby | 24 comments

Until recently, I thought Peter King reserved his breathless enthusiasm for the likes of Brett Favre and Tony Romo.


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