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A supposedly fun thing I will never do again

Peter King And The Quirkiest Game Of the Year

By Sarah Sprague | 34 comments

Ape works a tireless schedule around these parts, so I thought I would offer him a break and take Peter King coverage off his hands to help save his sanity this week.

media whores

Caliendo Out At FOX; NBC Idiots Mourn

By Christmas Ape | 37 comments

TBS VERY FUNNY comedy hack Frank Caliendo is out at FOX, thankfully, meaning the network's NFL pregame show is now unlikely to include the uninspired John Madden impression you could just as easily get from the stand-up working the ballroom at your local Holiday Inn Express.

chad johnson

Hustle, Loyalty, Fistpumps – KSK Kontent Klearinghouse

By Christmas Ape | 15 comments

WWE Raw celebrates its 1,000th episode this evening in St.


Argumentativeness, Jonathan Vilma Has It

By Christmas Ape | 24 comments

“@SI_PeterKing: Curtis Lofton, Chris Chamberlain, David Hawthorne.


Who Is The Rams Trade Mystery Team?

By Christmas Ape | 54 comments

The lofty PK nuggets just keep on coming.

drew still fuming that cris carter was snubbed again

If People Don’t Know The Super Bowl Is Sunday, They’re Not Good Fans

By Christmas Ape | 92 comments

Answer: SORT OF After two weeks of interminable hype, desperate casting for soft-focus storylines and looped footage of Super Bowl XLII, Super Bowl Sunday has arrived, a day that is mostly all the things I just mentioned plus a football game.

FJM style

Mocking the Mock

By Unsilent Majority | 35 comments

When we last left Peter King he was extolling the virtues of The Blind Bean, and now he's back to throw a bunch of crap at the wall.

FJM style

Peter King Is Happy For the Normans

By Unsilent Majority | 85 comments

Note: Drew is unavailable today, so I'll be tackling PK duties this week.

FJM style

Bonus PK: The Bucket List

By Unsilent Majority | 41 comments

Everyone over at Sports Illustrated is crafting their own sports bucket list, and their preeminent Buckethead Peter King delivers about what you'd expect.


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